Matzo ball   or Du Jour 4/6

Dumpling Bowl – Pork leek dumplings,spinach, carrot, bean sprouts, mushrooms, scallion, broth 10.

Add chicken 4. Add Shrimp 5.

For the table

Stuffies – Blend of Linguica, clams, panko crumbs and herb  8.

Flash fried calamari with remoulade sauce 11.

Clam fritters 7.

Gobi Masala- Indian inspired cauliflower with a yogurt sauce and warm bread   8.

Mini pork dumplings in a spicy peanut sauce 8. 

Potato pancakes with our applesauce and sour cream

Smoked salmon and cream cheese wontons 7.

Hummus and Kisir with grilled Lebanese bread 8. (V)

Scallion Pie with ginger dipping sauce 7.


MePu~ 12.

Hummus, kisir, muhammara, cucumber, Lebanese bread

JuPu~ 14.

Lox and cream cheese wontons, reuben eggrolls, beet fries, mini potato pancakes,

RI. Pu~ 14.

Stuffies, Clam fritters, Calamari


Greek– Romaine, iceberg, Feta, tomato, cukes, chickpeas 7.
With chicken kabob, grilled Lebanese bread, and Yia Yia dressing 12.

Caesar with cheesy croutons 7 .

Grilled Salmon on Romaine & spinach salad  with red onion, avocado and a mayo/mustard sauce 14.

Pastrami Panzanella Toasted Rye bread, beets, Mandarin oranges, farmer cheese 14.

Lump Crab and Snow Peas with garlicky bread crumbs and basil vinaigrette 12.

Add Hummus/ Kisir 3.  Add chicken 4. Add shrimp 5. Add Salmon 7.

Dressings: Greek, Basil vinaigrette, Russian, balsamic vinaigrette, Caesar, Fresh tomato vinaigrette,


Our signature blend of short rib, brisket, chuck burger with Fontina and onion strings 12.

Pastrami Burger~ Our burger with hot pastrami, grilled onions, cheese, and smoked paprika aioli 14.

X-Tudo ~ Our burger with a fried egg, Chourico, tomato, mayo and cheese  15.

Cemita~ Any burger with Fried Mexi cheese, cilantro, chipotle mayo, pickled onion 12.

P.B.B.B.B. Peanut butter, bacon, fried banana  14.

Turkey burger with avocado crema and lettuce 10.

Black bean quinoa burger with tomato vinaigrette  10.

Burgers come with fries and coleslaw Horseradish sauce available


Greek salad with falafel wrap or salad 10.

BLT Extravaganza/ Avocado, fresh mozzarella, basil on French   11.

Niy Niy / Ham , brie, pear melt on Whole wheat 12.

Cuban/ Porchetta (pork belly wrapped pork loin) swiss, smoked paprika aioli, pickles, ham 11.

Lulu / Smoked ham, butter, cukes, mustard on French 9.

Miss Steak/ Cheese steak wrap, onions, mushrooms and fries or onion strings inside 10.

Billy-Rose / Turkey and avocado BLT wrap 10.

Spicy shrimp / with chipotle avocado mayo and lettuce on French 14.

Scallion Pie Taco with Asian salad 12.

Korean fried chicken thigh with sweet and spicy honey mustard on a roll 9.

Reuben / Our corned beef, sauerkraut, Russian, on Rye 12.

Reubenesque~ Veggie Reuben- Roasted beets, Sauerkraut, Swiss, Smoked paprika aioli, pickles 12.

Eat@Joes/ Pastrami and corned beef, mustard on Rye 16.

The Rest…

Crunchy chicken and waffles with honey butter   14.

Lu Lu’s  Fried half chicken, hot honey drizzle, mac & cheese, cornbread and  slaw  18.

Creamy Pesto cheese Tortellini w/Shrimp 18 or Chicken 16.

BBQ Ribs on cornbread waffle with black refried beans 17.

Turkish Lamejun – Aromatic ground beef on grilled Lebanese bread and Greek tomato garnish 12.

Latke Poutine~AKA Potato pancake poutine with Pastrami, farmers cheese, pickles, and gravy 12.


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