Two Eggs your way 5.5
With ham, Applewood smoked bacon, or sausage patty 8.
Comes with hash browns and toast

Three egg Fluffy omelets  7.
 (see additions) Comes with hash browns and toast


Pristine waffle with butter and syrup 6. /add fruit for 2.

Corned beef hash waffle with 2 eggs    9.

Bacon or Ham waffle with 2 eggs         9.

Scallion Waffle grilled cheese, wilted spinach, bacon, poached eggs   12.

BLT Waffle sandwich with smoked paprika aioli    10.

Grilled cheese    5.5


Mushrooms 1.
Avocado or cheese 2.
Ham, bacon, or sausage 2.5


To Share

Flash Fried fresh calamari with remoulade sauce 11.

Stuffies-  Stuffed clams with linguica and fresh herb 8.

Clam Fritters- light, clam filled puffy goodness  7.

Hummus and kisir with toasted pita 9.

Mini pumpkin doughnuts with maple cream  5.5

The Rest

Crab Asparagus salad with crunchy panko and basil vinaigrette 12.

Bagel platter/the works-smoked salmon, onion, capers 12.

Benny’s – Poached on corned beef hash waffle with Hollandaise   12.

Avocado Smash – Pickled tomato, basil chiffonade, toasted French 8.

No Carb Special- Thick ham slice with poached or fried, tomato, avocado and cheese 11.

Fried chicken and waffles with honey butter 14.  (This is a Korean style batter, very crunchy)

BLT Extravaganza- Fresh mozzarella and basil on Baguette 10.

Pancakes- A big fluffy double stack 6. Add chocolate, banana or both 7/8

Crunchy French toast with maple banana sauce  8.


Breakfast Burger – Fried egg, on potato pancake, chipotle hollandaise

P.B.B.B.B. Peanut butter, fried banana, bacon burger 13.

Turkey burger with avocado crema 9.

Black bean quinoa burger with tomato vinaigrette 9.

Burgers come with fries and cole slaw Horseradish sauce available

Additions and Sides:

Bacon, Ham, Sausage, cheese, tomato, sauteed escarole, mushrooms, bacon, meatballs, avocado 


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